What you didn’t know about Huawei? – Top 25 Things

What you didn’t know about Huawei?

You probably don’t need telling that Huawei is a bit of a wacky company. What you didn’t know about Huawei? So welcome to my top 25 things you might not have known about them. Starting with the campus Huawei has a massive campus in China for its employees.

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So large it’s divided into 12 separate towns and each one is based on a famous European city. In fact there is so much space here that it takes a full 22 minutes to do one lap on the tram because yes the campus has its own train service.

What you didn't know about Huawei? - Top 25 Things
What you didn’t know about Huawei?

Also within this area is a castle where the company supposedly houses its secretive Research Unit as for the company itself. You might note that while we’re technologies has two primary bruns.

One of them is just called Huawei one of them Honor, but what you might not have known is why both Huawei and Honor‘ benefit from the company’s massive investment budget.

But Whilst Huawei is used to target business elites and executives Honor is a young energetic brand made for what they call digital natives. So those people who’ve grown up with phones and the Internet plus and this shouldn’t be overlooked.

Honor just as a word is far easier for Westerners to pronounce and the word itself. Owner has some positive connotations on to the next thing Huawei makes a pair of smart glasses with built-in speakers for listening to music and dual microphones with noise cancellation for making calls.

This is a weird one they actually use a rotating chairman system. You’ve got three people who basically take turns to become the company’s top ranking leader for six months at a time and to be fair.

It is a crazy idea but it kind of makes sense it’s done so that different leaders can bring expertise from different parts of the company and here’s one I found from personal experience.

What you didn’t know about Huawei?

So a couple of months ago is talking to a quarry executive and he told me that he’d seen the Huawei P 30 pros prototype phone six months before the firm was actually announced and so it may well apply to other companies as well.

But it definitely looks like while we at least has an almost ready to go device well ahead of launch. I can’t stress the next one enough Kwame is incredibly important to China. it’s not just the country’s way of showing the entire world that they’re innovating.

But Huawei employs over a hundred thousand people in China alone and they bring in so much money that should anything happen to our way. It would be enough to shake the entire country’s GDP.

Now you probably know that Huawei has been involved in a fair share of controversies. They’ve had a pretty rocky relationship with the u.s. to say the least and a big part of that stems from the founder himself.

Who actually served as an engineer for China’s military people are concerned that because of this he has a strong connection to the Chinese government had into that makes all these reports on spying and potential security threats and safe to say the u.s. is on guard.

But nothing’s really been proven yet, it is interesting though that this founder whilst having a stake of less than 2%. In Huawei is still one of the richest people in China and it actually gets stranger.

We’re talking about a guy who publicly praises iPhones while was direct competitor. He’s even told the press that he buys iPhones for his entire family. His words were one can’t narrowly think love for Huawei should mean loving Huawei phones almost implying that.

He doesn’t love while returns anyways this distaste that the US government has for Huawei has caused a massive knock-on effect. It means that US carriers like Verizon have actually backed down from offering Huawei phones, Because of government pressure and so pretty much the only way you compile our way in the u.s. is unlocked considering that to 90% of the population.

They’re only by their phones on contract. This leads us to the next problem almost nobody in the US has a Huawei phones, whilst the company has around 35% of the Chinese smartphone market. They actually sell really well in Europe in the u.s. less than 1% of people use of Huawei.

It actually gets worse than that you might have seen in the news recently that for a lot of countries. Huawei has been cut from their 5g plans the way it works is there’s actually three primary companies that build 5g infrastructure.

You’ve got poor way you’ve got Ericsson and you’ve got Nokia and in places like the US and Australia the governments of straight ups stopped Huawei from being any part of it. Unfortunately sometimes Holly does not help themselves this growing distrust is often made worse by their own marketing campaigns.

Because it turns out it’s not just the founder who buys iPhones. It is apparently half the social media team. Huawei has a famously high amount of tweets from both official accounts and the celebrities.

They endorse these tweets tell everyone how great their devices are whilst actually being tweeted from an iPhone add to that earlier this year there was a massive controversy about something called min mode on the Huawie P30 Pro.

This phone launched with a feature that allowed people to zoom 50 times in and still capture a sharp picture of the moon. But there was a photographer who did a whole series of tests and he came to the conclusion that they were faking it while he was supposedly using AI to detect the moon and then almost like Photoshop fill in the details that weren’t even there to make the photo look better.

Now this was never actually confirmed by multiple sources and toiley themselves denies doing it. So it may not even be true but regardless it didn’t help the trust situation but it’s normal bad news while we is very aware of all the potential bans and blocks that.

They’re gonna face in the future and so their solution is to basically build their own version of everything they’re developing their own operating systems. Their own smart assistant and they’re already one of the few companies that builds not just their own devices.

But their own chips to power them a big reason for that is that Huawei is one of the biggest investors in research and development in the world. A good amount of employees to have in research and development will be 30,000 or 40,000.

Huawei has 80,000 in fact the word. Huawei altogether literally translates to Chinese achievement according to a report by Bloomberg. Always consumer products ie their smartphones and the tablets are doing.

So well that they finally overtaking the revenue achieved from selling networking equipment which used to be who always mean business and here’s something that captures.

Just how large the Huawei business has become they have their own University complete with student housing the idea being that you qualify through this and you can have a direct job at Huawei.

Whilst already having a lot of the skills you’re gonna need it’s kind of amazing then that a company of this scale started off 30 years ago with less than $5,000 worth of capital. It now generates over a hundred billion dollars per year and something.

I find quite interesting is in that time period always actually had three different logos. We’ve got this one from when the company started in 1987 number two from 2006 onwards and one of final redesign at last year in 2018, Which basically just made it flutter and cleaner as for what exactly.

It means I’ve seen a couple of interesting theories one that this is actually just Apple but cut into pieces but the predominant answer is that. It’s a flower in Mandarin the first part of the word. Huawei roughly translates to petals or luxurious.

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