How Do I Get VIEWS On YouTube In 2021? [New Algorithm?]

How’s it going everyone welcome to my blog SaveFreeStuff my name is Faheem Rasool and today we’re going to answer some questions that I’m sure every YouTube creator has had at some point and that is how do you get views on YouTube.

I understand that this is a question that has been beaten to death over and over on YouTube, but I feel like it can genuinely be really confusing and really frustrating for new people who are trying to grow on YouTube because now there’s so much analytics and data that you have to look at, and I feel like people are making it a little too complicated.

How Do I Get VIEWS On YouTube In 2021? [New Algorithm?]

So, I wanted to simplify that for you guys right now the main analytics that YouTube really cares about that you’re going to find is going to be really effective. If you try to improve both of these metrics are your culture and your audience retention or your watch time, so basically we all know click-through rate is essentially the rate at which your videos get clicked on and then your audience retention is obviously.

What percentage did a person watch your video through now before you clicked away, I understand that these are the two things that everyone tells you to look at right, however I want you to understand why are these so important and how can you use these and leverage it to your channel and make your channel grow.

So, you can have the most amazing thumbnail and get people to click on that video, but if they don’t have a satisfying experience they are not going to want to click on any of your other videos decreasing your click-through rate, however, if you get them to have a satisfying experience if it’s a good video one you’re gonna get that audience retention because they’re gonna watch at least more than fifty percent of the video.

Right which means they enjoyed it, they liked it enough to watch most of it, and they’re more likely to click on another one of your videos and if your videos are in common enough, that’s going to cause a snowball effect of letting YouTube know that your videos are good, there’s good content that people are watching the multiple people are watching the same videos from the same channel that means that your click-through rate is going to increase your watch time is going to increase and your suggestion.

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Slash impressions are going to increase on YouTube that’s going to notify YouTube that this is a good channel we need to suggest this to more people because we want more people on this platform as long as possible if you’re looking for the secret sauce of YouTube that’s it right there that’s all YouTube really cares about comments likes don’t really matter at all you can disable comments on a video and still get a video to go viral think about that comments don’t necessarily matter.

Sure, it’s great to have that engagement likes and comments on your video for a community purpose for you to know letting YouTube know that people are engaging with your channel, however, when YouTube is sorting out which videos they’re going to suggest to people that watching time and click-through rate is what they really care about on your channel.

I think that’s really why you’re seeing on YouTube this boom of the short video content because it’s high retention, and you’re more likely to binge-watch those types of videos that’s why you get channels that are all of a sudden blowing up because all they’re doing is posting 10 to 30 second clips that are counting as YouTube shorts people are watching the whole entire thing they’re commenting because it’s a short little snippet of content.

You know they’re satisfied for that 30 seconds it’s much easier to get satisfied on a 30 second video than it is a 20-minute video and I think those types of videos are really showcasing just how important only click-through rate and watch time are now if you’re thinking about making those types of videos.

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I need you to understand that the CMP for short videos is extremely low. I am talking about 29 cents per thousand views if you’re lucky, so again short form content is kind of good for boosting your analytics but for making money not really not the best bet.

So, when you’re making videos and your own catalog on your channel I need you to question if your videos are linked together if they are, that means people are more likely to binge-watch your content that’s the secret to YouTube.

Honestly, you need your entire channel to be binge watchable, it’s where this video gets to this video gets to this video, that’s the secret source right there.

So, I wouldn’t recommend posting random stuff they all need to be connected be in the same niche be in the same category, that’s how you optimize your channel and increase your chances of being suggested to people on YouTube.

You’re gonna find that if you just focus on those two metrics alone, just those two you’re going to see more success on your channel, and you’ll probably be alright, don’t go begging for subscribers likes or comments, subscribers don’t necessarily matter in the beginning subscribers don’t matter at all in terms of YouTube suggesting content you could have 10 000 subscribers.

One of it’s not a good video that your own audience won’t watch and if it’s not something that’s, you know SEO friendly uh. It’s not gonna do good whatsoever I hope I wasn’t repeating myself too much I just wanted to like to get it in your head that that is what you need to do that’s all you need to do and yeah if this article was helpful at all feel free to subscribe for more articles like this.

I’ll see you guys next time and remember that anyone can YouTube.

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