Top 5 Best Software For YouTube Creators (2021)

If you’re a blogger or just planning to become one you certainly need programs that will facilitate your work today, we will show you the top 5 programs for bloggers and we are starting.

Top 5 Best Software For YouTube Creators (2021)

Right now hi my name is Faheem Rasool and this is SaveFreeStuff Blog there are a lot of different programs and tools that can help you with your Blog some of them are so-so and some are really cool and useful.

Top 5 Best Software For YouTube Creators (2021)

Today we will tell you about the second category. The place in the list does not mean the priority of the program each tool is useful in its own way.

#1: Movavi Video Editor Plus

It’s impossible to be a blogger without editing your videos so, Movavi video editor plus heads up the list in Faheem Rasool every tool is right where you’d expect it to be, so even if you have never tried to edit videos, it will take you no more than 20 minutes to master the program and start editing like a pro.


Open the program, drag the video to this window and then to the timeline, here you will find the basic tools cutting creating multiple tracks audio and video sync scene recognition, and many different filters and transitions that you can add in a couple of clicks, the effects library speeds up the editing process, but there are even more presets in the Faheem Rasool effect store.


#2: TubeBuddy


That will fit almost any block stylized graphic transitions tie blocks background stickers and so on. The most important thing is that it is licensed software which is cheaper than other editing programs. The next tool will be an asset for YouTubers and this is vidIQ or TubeBuddy both programs are similar in functionality choose the one that you love.


Most I personally use TubeBuddy, TubeBuddy is a browser Plugin that helps YouTubers customize their videos to track trends in their niche, watch what competitors are shooting, and so on, so basically it is YouTube magic stick that makes your life easier TubeBuddy has a thumbnail comparison tool.


Here you can compare one option with another, this helps to find out which thumbnail will attract more viewer clicks, one of the main tools is the keyword search, it helps to identify specific keywords or topics that are most likely to get views, so when you have an idea before making a crazy shot in the dark, make sure it’s gonna work go to the tool, type your idea and TubeBuddy.


Will show you the query rating you can clearly see what actually works and is good for your channel and what is not in addition TubeBuddy suggests you alternative keywords that you can use in your title to attract more viewers simply put the program measures audience interest in a particular topic online there are many other useful things that TubeBuddy does the main features are available for free and the rest you can find in the paid plan.



If your channel is part of some partners network look carefully at many of them already cooperating with TubeBuddy or video keys, every blogger posts pictures, even if you are a video blogger, sooner or later you should think about making high quality photos, so Picverse from our channel, take the top three spots when you open the program and you see an intuitive interface.

So, you can get down to photo editing immediately pick first has built-in neural network functions that help you get almost professional photos in a few clicks on the right there are necessary panels in the first section you will find smart correction smart restoration and color correction settings other sections include a smart eraser background replacement face and type tools various color correction filters and cropping big verse used for quick but professional like editing and color correction which makes it.

#4: Tube Spanner

tube spanner

Instagram friendly to become a success on YouTube you need to manage time and content wisely I recommend you the type tube spanner which will be especially useful for beginners tube spanner will assist you in shadowing your content it is full-fledged tool that will help to organize your blogging effectively the program has many other useful features, but not all of them are free to my mind investing 10 bucks per month will be quite enough for a growing YouTuber bonuses it is high time to name the bonuses.

#5: Trello


Here comes Trello a Smartphone app for organizing your tasks. It allows you to create boards for example airport with the name of your channel inside this board. Choose a beautiful background and add cards such as content plan ideas scenarios and so on inside these cards. You can add mini cards here.


You can also add a description and create a deadline for the cards you come up with an idea record a video and then drag it to the trash box. The cool thing is that the main functions are available for free. This is a very useful application for organizing your tasks. Google Calendar can become a powerful tool that will help you shuttle your tasks by the hour and not miss anything.


The first thing i do is set up tasks that are repeated every day every week or two or more times a week for me, it is sleeping time breakfast post in social networks and releases on YouTube to not miss the most important tasks I set the notifications it is useful to set the task color to immediately distinguish between the categories for example I mark sleeping time in gray work in red while road and rest time are green only this application can help you to develop discipline and create a YouTube publication schedule to stick to the pomodoro technique will help you to be more productive performing big tasks.


I think everyone experienced the situation to sit for several hours or all day for editing your bag becomes numb you feel fatigue and lose the desire to work if you understand what I’m talking about give this article a like we get this feeling when we don’t take breaks at all or do but irregularly the pomodoro technique is a time management method which has been widely popularized by dozens of apps and websites providing timers and instructions.


The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals each interval is known as a pomodoro which stands for Italian word tomato for example my work by madura equals 50 minutes and it’s separated by 10 minutes breaks after a few cycles there is a long rest for 20 minutes if you keep doing the Midera Technique the work will be much more productive so think about downloading such apps to your Smartphone.

#6: Movavi Screen Recorder

In at number five is Movavi Screen Recorder in a recent video. We told you how to create a successful faceless channel one of the ideas is to use a screen recording even if your channel is of another type from time to time you still need to record the screen Movavaiscreen recorder is a beginner-friendly program with an intuitive interface, there is a toolbar you can drag and drop wherever you like more than that you are able to customize this panel which makes the recording process as convenient as possible here.


You can select only part of the screen to record in the settings you can select effects such as highlighting the cursor or clicks displaying keys and so on this is super convenient if you need to make a tutorial in a program you can set the start and end time of the recording the program can also be useful if you are attending a webinar or online conference but you need to leave till it ends put the timer on for two hours and when return you’ll see what you have missed Movavi Screen Recorder Records multiple streams screen webcam and microphone video and audio can be recorded separately it is a must have for those who want to create tutorial content.


If you are a YouTube beginner my advice is to think about Movavi Videos with package it already includes video editor Plus Screen Recorder converter premium and a few other small utilities for working with media, the whole package is cheaper than to purchase the program separately an undeniable advantage of video suite is its convenient menu where based on your request.


You can create a whole system of Movavi Programs for example for an additional fee you can add Vikkata or Pickers and a lot more yes, you need to set aside some money for using Movavi Programs, but our promo code log 15 will give you an additional 15 discount links to the discount pages. Download a trial version on the Official Website and if you want to learn more about how to create cool videos, promote your YouTube channel and many other useful things start right away by clicking the subscribe button, my name is Faheem Rasool and I’ll see you next tutorial.

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